Here we want to show you what our collaboration will look like

One day we realized we had a great advantage of being a medium-sized company. It allows us to avoid any bureaucracy in decision making, we’re able to provide as much C-level communication as needed, eventually, it lets us respond quickly in a dynamic business environment.

“We’re happy to be a medium-sized company, because it allows us to stay as close to our customers as possible”

Sergey Panasenko, COO at TrendLine Global

So positive customer relationships remain at the core of our business, and communication is the key tool to build them. Let's dig deeper into our workflow and take a look at an example of Outstaffing.

Our Workflow


Initial face-to-face meeting over coffee

We believe it’s essential to know the customers personally to add a real value to their businesses. That’s why each new story of collaboration starts with an in-person C-level meeting, where we’ll discuss the customer needs and determine whether we are a good fit.

Hiring the best and brightest IT talent

Our recruiters list jobs, review applications, and assess soft skills. English teachers check language proficiency. Tech specialists examine hard skills. Ongoing communication with the customer is also crucial when selecting candidates. You can jump in the process just after the  initial selection.

Awesome account management

From the beginning of our collaboration you are provided with an Account Manager, who will communicate with you every step of the way. So you just have to be sure, everything will be okay.

Assistance of our PM

Once a development team begins to work on your project, a Project Manager is involved in the process. He or she makes sure your remote team works as productively and efficiently as possible.

Regular C-level meetings

To keep abreast of your project, our top managers wouldn’t miss a chance to stop by your office on their next business trip to your area. At the same time our doors are always open to you. So welcome to Ukraine.

Therefore, do not be surprised if you feel like we are just a stone's throw from you.

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