Why to use outstaffing instead of hiring in-house?

example for Middle PHP Developer
In-house in AmsterdamOutstaffing in Kyiv
1. What you getA full-time emploee works in your office.A full-time employee works remotely from our office under your direct management.
2. Price per year€50 000
avg. salary
€30 000
avg. salary
Holiday allowance, 8% of annual salary€4 000€15 000
our management fee
Employer social security contributions, 18% of employee’s salary€9 000
Office equipment (at least €1000 for a computer, €500 for software and €250 per telephone)€1 750
Workplace, 10-15 m2€3 500
Workspace furnishing, groceries, leisure, etc.€3 000
Recruitment fee, up to 25% of annual salary€12 500
Total cost€83 700€45 000
Your economy€0up to €40 000 per year, including recruitment and staff motivation
3. Hiring processResearch, interview, approval are on your side and need additional expenses.All recruitment process is on our side, but under your full control.
4. Avg. length of hiring (we’ve got huge talented pool here in Ukraine)up to 90 days21 days
5. Ongoing supportHR manager is also paid by you.HR and Account managers are paid by us. They facilitates communication between you and your remote developer.
6. Staff motivation (corporate events, training programs, positive workplace environment, etc.)On your side.On our side. Your remote employee is absolutely happy with his/her workplace.
7. Communication flowFace-to-face.Face-to-face via internet. We use all up-to-date tools: Slack, Skype, Hangouts, Jira, etc. We can also arrange
a business trip if knowledge transfer is needed.
8. Timezone GMT+2GMT+3
9. ReplacementEqual to a new hiring process.Easy and fast.
10. Holiday lengthUp to 40 days20 days
11. LegalOfficial employment of employee.Contract with UK company, NDA.
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