TrendLine Global Values

Things we believe in

There are things we believe in from the bottom of our hearts. And when they are alive, it makes us happy.

We believe in Technology.

We all are passionate about technologies, enjoy nothing more than learning tech trends, practicing new tools and developing IT industry.

We believe in Team.

Only if you surround yourself with the right people, you will achieve the right results. TrendLine Global team is our main value and the coolest team of the right people.

We believe in Relationship.

We’re aiming to build trust and long-term relationships. And our essential tool here is face-to-face meetings. We know all our customers offline, make friends, and are proud of it.

We believe in Quality.

Providing high value services is a top of priority. Otherwise there is no point in what we’re doing.

We believe in Good.

We’ve got our own charity to make this world better. Our employees have one additional day off for a quarter to become a volunteer for this charity.

We believe in Being Yourself.

Our people are so interesting guys. Some of them are cool photographers or want to be, others are crazy on tennis or doing pole fitness. We want all to know them personally via #TrendLineLife.

We believe in Future.

Yeah, we believe in children and do our very best to make them smarter. We’ve started free financial literacy clubs for children in schools all around Ukraine. There are 150 ones at the time, and we’re aiming to grow up to 1500.

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