Software testing and QA

We're here to provide you with effective QA services and ensure your software is truly bug-free.

What we do

We apply both manual and automated testing to all software applications.

Functional testing

Verifying software works as expected on all devices. You’ll receive a detailed bug report with recommendations on fixing.

UX / Usability testing

Ensuring user experience is positive and user interface fits the approved design.

Compatibility testing

Evaluating user experience on all operating systems, browsers, networks, servers, hardware configurations.

Performance testing

Determining software stability under various workload, spikes and stress.

Security testing

Ensuring software and users’ data is safe, secure and away from hacking.

Regression testing

Verifying previously developed software will not be broken after changes.

Technologies we use



Browser Stack

Apache JMeter

Sauce Labs

Our testing process


Requirement gathering

Analyzing your project requirements, test ideas creation.


Test plan building, including the environment matrix and test cases creation.

Environment setup

Ensuring testing environment (devices, operating systems, etc.) is ready.


Manual test execution, and automate testing if needed.


Final tests result reporting, customer acceptance and project closure.

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