We provide your team with a superpower

Outstaffing is the best choice if you want to hire developers, extend or empower your team with IT staff. Our specialists become your remote dedicated development team for the project duration.

Software developers

You can hire any kind of engineers – website, databases, Android or iOS application developers – we are not limited in technologies.

QA engineers

We provide you with offshore IT testers who are experts in manual or automated software testing.

UI/UX designers

We find experienced designers who create interfaces that welcome users.

Project managers

Our remote managers will coordinate your projects like internal ones.

Business Analysts

Our BAs will work exclusively on your project, we can find experts of any seniority level.

Product owners

You are able to hire the best possible product owners, who will lead your products to success.

Account managers

Our account managers can maintain your clients remotely.

Your option

We will find whatever IT experts you need.

Why to choose


Like in-house, but easier

The experts work full-time on your project at our offices, and have all needed to be happy and effective. Anyway we can arrange a business trip if knowledge transfer is needed.

As many as you need

We provide you with any number of specialists: from 1 to infinity.


We don’t charge you for recruiting and you don’t pay any deposits.

Predictable costs

You pay your experts’ salaries and TrendLine’s management monthly fee that is absolutely flat and transparent.


You manage the development process yourselves, it’s suitable if you are a team leader or CTO and have your own SDLC processes.


We guarantee the employees long term engagement, so minimal work period is 6 months.

We’re here for you

Our Account Manager is always here to set up the communication flow.

Just try it!

You are provided with a trial period of 2 months for each expert, so you can replace or fire the expert any time.

Our outstaffing process


Share your need with us:

  • required tech skills,
  • his/her responsibilities on the project,
  • project and company intro,
  • the number of experts,
  • your recruitment process.

And we start selecting candidates in 1 business day. We use our wide talent pool of experts.


Consider candidates we carefully selected for you:

  • check CVs of candidates we’ve previously interviewed,
  • setup interviews with proven candidates according to your recruitment process and choose appropriate ones.

We ramp-up your team in 2-5 weeks. It depends on the number of experts. We interview candidates paying attention to their soft skills, English level, technical background, etc.


Put the team to work:

  • sign a contract between our companies,
  • manage your new team and development process directly.

We take care of the team retention:

  • sign a contract between us and the experts,
  • take care about all back office infrastructure, taxes and so on.

Your success is our success

Why imagine what you could do with a few extra hands and minds at your disposal when you can see real business cases right now?
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