Data Science, AI and ML

Discover business opportunities through smart data analytics

We make it possible to choose the best price for your products, define a probability of becoming a customer, and find out a potential customer needs even before he or she has them.

What we do

Data Science

Data science solutions help to identify potential opportunities by turning Big Data into actionable insights. We provide you with: data mining and processing, visualisation of Big Data and predictive modelling.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a new business intelligence. We offer a wide range of AI models: computer vision (face recognition, emotion analysis, image and video analytics), natural language processing, intelligent chatbots, recommendation platforms and decision-making systems.

Technologies we use



Power BI

Apache Spark


Our development process


Hypothesis development

We identify the hypothesis to test. Together we brainstorm metrics and data sources that might provide better business performance.

Data gathering

We grab data from the right sources and aggregate it.

Data preparation

We transform data to improve its quality and ensure that it can be easily processed.

Model building

We build and train analytic models, test their efficiency and iterate until the most predictive model is created.

Evaluation and deployment

Once the model is good enough, we go ahead with its deployment.

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