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What we offer

We make your IT ideas come true: extended teams, web or mobile applications, blockchain development and other IT solutions. Choose services you’re dreaming of.

Blockchain development

Decentralized applications, smart contracts, DAO, crypto-exchanges and funds.

Outstaffing or Extended Team

Help in hiring developers, QA engineers, designers, PMs and other remote IT specialists you need to realize a project.

Web development

Frontend and backend development services.

Mobile development

iOS and Android mobile app development.

Augmented and Virtual reality

Games, workplace trainings, 360° view for design, interior modelling.

Data Science. Artificial intelligence and Machine learning

Big Data visualization, data mining, predictive analytics.

Quality Assurance

Manual and automated testing.

Embedded software and Internet of things

Combining IoT apps, mobile devices, cloud services, and physical objects into a huge ecosystem.

Your option

We’ll realize whatever IT idea you want. Just share it with us.

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