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What we do

With SEO optimization, your website will remain at the top of search engine results which will fetch you a lot of visitors and ultimately increase your customers.

On-page optimization

We do an on-page website optimization according to the requirements of search engines, so that the site is as relevant as possible to the promoted requests; we prepare the terms of reference for the improvement of the software including usability, page load speed, resource structure. We optimize meta tags and images, posted on the site.

Audience targeting

Before starting website promotion, we will determine your target audience. Targeting will help to identify a specific target audience from the entire general mass of Internet users, and, in future, show ads only to them. We use various types of targeting to achieve maximum results in a timely manner.

Building of brand awareness

We will build correct brand promotion SEO strategy, choose effective communication channels and conduct consumer awareness assessments. Based on the data obtained, we will formulate an effective SEO marketing strategy that will attract the attention of the target audience and build trust and loyalty to your company.
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Our SEO process

We make use of trusted SEO practices that are continually refined over the years to ensure that your website rank higher than that of your competitors. We will get you the much-needed conversion and traffic that you need.

Comprehensive Website Audit

The first step is a comprehensive analysis of the project, which indicates everything that prevents your website from high-ranking in search engines for certain search requests. Since website promotion is a complex process consisting of many successive stages, we conduct an independent analysis of each of them. Analysis of website design, software part of a web resource, on-site optimization, analysis of website promotion in search engines, advertising campaign. Comprehensive audit includes: technical, search and usability audits of the website.

Keyword Analysis and Assignment

We’ll analyze your keywords and the keywords of your competitors. We’ll compile this data together and use SEO tools to generate other keywords that will benefit you. From this, we’ll have a list of keywords to choose from in a well-defined, segmented list. We use the results of the keyword analysis to make relevant SEO decisions through keyword assignment. The keywords will be assigned to pages on your website. This will drive the entire SEO campaign. The keyword assignation process will help us to know the page to rank for before we begin on-site search engine optimization of the website.

On-Site SEO Code Optimization

In this phase, we’ll begin SEO code optimization. This involves the optimization of anything that is not working well. We’ll optimize your meta descriptions, page titles, and meta keywords. We’ll ensure that all website links are followed, no links are blocked, and all content can be indexed by the search engines. We’ll ensure that everything in the backend is in proper condition for search engine indexing. We’ll examine advanced SEO strategies like videos, images, robots.txt, etc. We’ll ensure that your website is in line with the quality Guidelines set by Google.

On-Site Content SEO

Now our content creators will work on quality inbound content that will drive quality traffic, links and social media shares. We’ll take the keywords assigned for each page and then integrate them into the content for the page. All on-page titles, H1 and H2 links will be optimized.

On-Site Internal Link Optimization

In this phase, an internal linking process is carried out. This process ensures that every internal link point to a page with the correct keyword in the anchor text. We will also use other strategies that will ensure optimum internal link optimization.

Advanced SEO & External Linking

Here, we’ll review your website’s technical structure and look for new ways of generating traffic to your website from search engines. We’ll start external link building here. It can be done at various periods and it all depends on your link building strategy and what you want to achieve with your marketing campaign.

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