Marketing campaign for Triolcorp company.

Request has been received from a company engaged in the production for oil and gas processing industry. The company’s headquarters is located in Houston, Texas (USA).

The site for which they requested to calculate the promotion, first of all, was morally outdated and, at least, it was necessary to make a redesign taking into account all the technical nuances and usability. Secondly, even a tenuous audit showed many mistakes and shortcomings that are unacceptable for the promotion of the resource. For example:

  • the server was located not in the United States;
  • many validation errors;
  • invalid page loading speed;
  • duplicates of the main page and so on.

At the pre-sale stage, a full audit was conducted and a decision was made to develop a new site because the cost of the number of required edits exceeded the cost of development of the new site. Also, a strategy for SEO promotion was created.

The task is to promote the site in the United States (some states) to increase traffic to the site and the growth of requests number. B2B business segment.

Basic data is an old site, requiring many revisions and, at least, redesign. As a result, the customer’s contractors developed a new one. The new site required a SEO promotion.

The solution to the problem:

  • development of a new site;
  • registration of a server in the United States;
  • work on internal optimization;
  • work on external optimization (linkbuilding strategy was developed and implemented);
  • the connection of all necessary analytics tools.

Additional improvements of the functional – some conversion elements on the site (feedback forms, call back, product cards) were improved.

Increasing the growth of traffic to the site – In terms of the goal to increase the growth of traffic and the number of requests, we focused on increasing the visibility of the site in the high-priority customer areas.

Result: at the third month of cooperation, the growth of search traffic (Organic Search) was 28%.

The main source of traffic was Google search. The number of new users also grew.