Smart Search application for researchers and journalists.

Client: Germany-based startup*

Team: 4 software developers, 1 designer, 1 PM

Technologies: Golang, PHP, MongoDB

A startup from Germany had the idea to assist researchers and journalists in their search for proven facts on the internet. The Smart Search app was to be built that simultaneously provides search results from numerous accredited publications, journals and databases instead of simply pulling something from the web.

This technology is designed to provide access to a source that can be cited because it is based on facts rather than giving access to someone’s personal opinion shared in a blog post or on social media.

Main features and requirements

Keyword analysis

We had to teach our Smart Search to understand not only the keywords but the niche they belong to, like medical studies, or nuclear physics, or political studies, etc. as well.

Multiple databases

The Smart Search had to access multiple databases of reliable online publications. We used the mix of Golang’s speed and MongoDB’s scalability in order to achieve this feat.

Clear UI

Given that the Smart Search app works with sources from multiple industries, it was important for us to visualize search results in a clear, intuitive and informative format at the same time.

Business challenges

HR & Recruitment

Our client did not have an HR department nor were they interested in having one. They chose to find people close to their corporate culture through interviews with the team, rather than just one representative. Our outstaffing model was the perfect solution for this challenge as we did the HR work behind the scenes and only introduced the client to relevant candidates. We were able to start the project with 2 developers we have found in 10 days and the project grew larger since.

Team Loyalty

Our client emphasized the importance of culture and a shared mindset throughout the entire development process. We have solved this challenge in two ways. First, we’ve sent out our team to the client’s HQ for a month so everyone got a chance to meet each other. Secondly, we have established efficient communication channels and a live video chat feed that was live for the entirety of the development process.


Appropriate management was essential for our client, so we agreed to have two project managers working on the product. One was on the side of the customer and the other was on our side. This way we have combined traditional development practices like daily meetings and sprints with some unconventional PM practices our client was using internally.

Our teams were skilled in Agile development so the sprints they delivered early on served as a great background for feedback and further planning. As a result, we have successfully delivered a unique Smart Search algorithm for our client on time and within budget.