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Customer: InfluencerDB, marketing technology company

Industry: Advertising & marketing

Location: Germany

Period: 2 months

Team: 2 developers

Technologies: Vue.js, JavaScript



InfluencerDB, Europe’s leading marketing technology company, was urgently looking for two Vue.js developers to release the product according to the schedule. It is a cloud platform for managing, measuring and optimizing influencer marketing programs.


We staffed our customer in 2 weeks from our first call, where we collected data that was then used to select candidates. Ukraine has wide IT talent pool, so we located the best fit Vue.js developers with strong English and experience of European projects in a short time. And they were already working on the project in 14 days.


We thought it would take us longer to develop the must-to-have features. But the guys were so high skilled and effective that we reached the end-goal even earlier.

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