Medondo and TrendLine Global Teams

Customer: Medondo, software company

Industry: Healthcare

Location: Germany

Period: June 2019 – current time

Team: 5 web developers

Technologies: JavaScript/Typescript, HTML5, CSS, Angular, Node.js



Medondo has been developing a completely new healthcare web solution, that allows physicians to simultaneously perform administrative activities instead of permanently tearing themselves away from the patients. For this specific purpose they were looking for full-stack JavaScript developers passionate about software technologies with desirable experience in microservices, test-driven development, and Scrum.


We’ve built a successful remote dev team for Medondo in two months. And now we share some insights about how we did it. Our collaboration started with a C-level meeting in Hannover to get acquainted and identify requirements.

The hiring process itself went through the following stages:

  1. CVs screening by TrendLine Global recruiters.
  2. Initial on-site interviews with our specialists to check hard and soft skills, as well as English level.
  3. Online interview with customer COO, presentation of the project.
  4. Tech assignment completion to check professional skills applicable to the position.
  5. Final online interview with customer tech lead.
  6. Trial period, during which 2 candidates were replaced.

That strategy, which was designed to put a professional team together, resulted in hiring 5 bright-eyed developers, who fit the project best.

Now the guys are coding the inspiring healthcare solution. To be fully involved they have everyday Jitsi stand-ups with Hannover team and our PM, work with sprints in Jira, have regular support of our Account Manager.

On September 2019 we had a regular C-level meeting in Hannover, found out how guys are doing, discussed opportunities and are waiting for new challenges from Medondo right now.

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