Remote embedded developers

Customer: Chain store (NDA)

Industry: Retail

Location: RSA

Period: 12 months

Team: 2 embedded software developers

Technologies: OpenCV library, C++, IPP, Net 2.0/3.5, Linux


RSA-based company came to us with an idea of improving customer care in stores. They needed a team of professional embedded software engineers to develop an app that tracks the total number of visitors. To collect the next round of investments the MVP had to be shown to investors on short notice.


Within less than 3 weeks we found a team of 2 embedded engineers with relevant experience. As required they were capable of working with both software and hardware. Thus the MVP (new/returning visitor counter) was up and running in 6 months. We continued our collaboration at the next stage of the project and located the team for development of emotion recognition software.


The outstaffing model offered by TrendLine Global perfectly fit us for completing the task on the tight budget. Working with Ukrainian developers allowed to cut the cost of development in half without losing quality. We paid for the work done while TrendLine handled supporting expenses, training, motivation and the back office. Well done, guys.

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