Marketing campaign for Triolcorp company.

Our team received a request for the following services:

  • development of a new site;
  • logo creation;
  • naming;
  • calculation of the project promotion strategy in Germany.

We created 2 separate offers:

  • on website development, logo and brand creation;
  • Having researched the market and competitors, identifying the advantages of our company, we created a strategy for project promotion.

Following the negotiations, we approved:

  • website development, logo, brand creation
  • the launch of an advertising campaign in Google Adwords

Initial data – after the completion of all site creation works, we received a site, we received a finished product, which required a site audit and internal optimization.

The solution to the problem:

During the site audit, minor flaws were discovered in the internal optimization and usability of the site, which could adversely affect the site’s behavioral factors. We fixed:

  • Validation errors
  • Page loading speed
  • Adaptive website layout
  • Feedback forms have been added to the service pages.

When creating an advertising campaign in Google Adwords, the following work was carried out:

  • Semantics was collected
  • Advertisements were written
  • At the first stage, 2 advertising campaigns were configured and launched:

1) Google Display Network – for familiarization with the brand and its popularization.

2) remarketing – for the return of users who visited the site, but did not make the order, did not fill the feedback form, etc.

  • At the second stage (after 2 months), when a certain reset has already been created, we connected search ads and remarketing to the Display Network.

Increasing the growth of traffic to the site – Within the framework of the goal of increasing the growth of traffic and the number of requests, we focused on working on the maximum loyalty of users who reached the site, because this brand was not yet familiar to anyone, and it was important to win over potential customers.