Extended team for web dev

Customer: DPU Systems

Industry: Software development

Location: Lithuania

Period: 2017 – current time

Team: 4 software developers, 1 designer, 1 PM

Technologies: Golang, PHP, MongoDB

Website: dpu.lt


Together with Lithuanian web dev company we set out to extend their team for smart search app creating. The app had to provide search results from numerous accredited publications, journals and databases instead of simply pulling something from the web.


Our customer didn’t have an HR department and wasn’t interested in having one. So the outstaffing model was the perfect solution for this challenge. We did the HR work behind the scenes and only introduced the customer to relevant candidates. They chose to select employees through interviews with the team, rather than just one representative. All in all, we’ve started the project with 2 developers in 20 days and the project has grew larger since then.


TrendLine Global has provided us with higher level HR manager than we could afford in-house. Karina helped us through reviewing CV’s, interviewing candidates and hiring. As a result we’ve extended our team with 6 perfect experts as fast as possible. It was also easy to recruit additional developers when needed.

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