Custom CRM

Client: FinTech startup*

Team: 1 PM, 1 Scrum master (client side), 1 designer, 5 senior developers

Technologies: Mongo, Node, Express for back-end, Angular for front-end

A FinTech startup that raised the third round of investments was working on integration of stable and scalable business processes. They required a solid CRM for their sales, marketing and shipment management / support teams. We were working on a tight schedule and the development process had to be as flexible as possible.

Our client requested instant feedback and the ability to change project requirements on the go as they were still testing out the workflow processes they’ve established for themselves.

Main features and requirements

Real-time customer analysis

The client requested a CRM system that is integrated with 3-d party applications and internal sources to ensure that all data on the clients is relevant at all time. Additionally, an algorithm was built that automated identification of at-risk clients based on their profiles and interactions.


We have managed to build a system that is integrated into the website, social media profiles and email platforms and can automatically pull the data about a client from these sources. Personal data, contact information and logs from live chats will all be there waiting for the client manager to react instead of wasting time on logging it down.

A personalized experience

Our team delivered a solution that is capable of tracking and analyzing data that is integral to a personalized client-manager experience, such as the existence of previous accounts, interactions with the company, meeting notes, sent email chains, potential opportunities and more.
CRM for Fin Tech

Business challenges


Our client was on a tight schedule. They needed a team of professionals fast so they could finish up preparations for the next round of investments. We used our network of more than 10000 developers and located the perfect candidates with relevant experience in 2,5 weeks. The development began in 3 weeks since the initial analysis of requirements.


Since speed was of the essence not only did we have to find a team fast, but our developers had to integrate the new CRM into the client’s workflow ASAP. For this we have included a professional UX designer into the team to make our solution as intuitive and simple in onboarding as possible. We have also sent out the developers who were working on the project to the client’s HQ so they could train the local staff on how the CRM works and what it is capable of.

Large volumes of data

The CRM had to store and analyze colossal volumes of data in real time. We used the help of a System Architect with 14 years of experience to help us identify the requirements, the structure of the product with scalability in mind and the required technological stack.