E-commerce parser for an Australian company.

Client: Australian e-commerce company

Team: 2 software developers

Technologies: Java, Node.JS

We have provided a team that developed an impressive competitor research application for our client from the e-commerce industry. The application works as a parses that is able to find the needed product pages and gather important information about them like the URL, keywords, description, supporting visuals and the price.

This application simplifies market research and amplifies awareness required to build efficient pricing policies for a product or series of products.

Main features and requirements

Centralized database

All of the search results were gathered into a fast, easily accessible database divided by relevant product categories.

Network monitoring

The developers we have found to complete this project were to build a solution that can be integrated into the client’s CRM system.


The solution our e-commerce developers have delivered gathered data on products from the Internet and analyzed it to identify patterns or similarities.
competitors research app

Business challenges


We have managed to cut the budget required for development by 35% by offering access to a network of e-commerce specialists on the Ukrainian market. The fact that the rates of developers are lower here combined with the fact that TrendLine covers all of the expenses required to support a team of professionals has paid off for our client.


We were to work on a system that has to be integrated into an existing CRM. This would usually require a long onboarding process for the developers to understand the product they are working with. However, given our 8 years of experience in providing similar services we have developed a methodology that effectively mitigates this issue as our developers already know what they should look for in a system.

We have delivered a stable competitor research application that provides our client with relevant information on products and services available on the market.