Marketing campaign for Bureau Veritas company.

Result – 2.5 times increase of site visibility in 8 months.

The task of the customer is to increase the target search traffic for priority services.

The completed work:

  1. Site audit
  • First of all, we made a complete SEO-audit of the website;
  • Based on the audit, we made a list of necessary technical corrections and recommendations and transferred them to the customer.
  1. Semantic core
  • Collected and clustered semantic core for the site;
  • We agreed on the top-priority requests with the customer.
  1. Internal optimization
  • Eliminated technical duplicates of pages on the site;
  • Closed pages that are not useful for users and search engines from indexing;
  • Optimized website headers;
  • Posted optimized content on priority categories;
  • Solved the problem with the ranking of irrelevant pages;
  • Added optimized meta tags;
  1. External optimization
  • Analyzed the reference mass of the main competitors, during which a sufficiently large number of high-quality donors were collected;
  • After the selection of donors we began to post article links;

5. Site visibility

During the promotion, the visibility of the site in Google increased 2.5 times.

6. Site positions

Over the entire period, % of positions in Google top was growing.



Due to the work done, the growth of the site visibility began at the 2nd month, and during the promotion, visibility increased 2.5 times.  Also, during the promotion, Google managed to push 67% of requests into Google TOP-10.