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Why waste time on micro- or macro-management, drag the back-office and worry about finding top talent when you already have a business to run? You can extend your team with people who get the job done!
The extended development team model you can trust
We are proud to present the ThendLine outstaffing model to your attention. Learn about how it works and the benefits you will receive from partnering with us.


First meeting

You fill out a form, we have a lovely chat and discuss your project needs.


NDA and security

We sign the NDA and make sure that
your personal data and business
ideas are safe.


Analysis of requirements

We analyze your goals and needs from
both the business and development
perspective for an actionable plan.


Talent acquisition

We unite you with the perfect team that
meets up with your requirements,
project deadlines and your
corporate culture.


Work in progress

Your new team develops the product.
Then you receive a working solution.


Release & Support

The final version of your product is
ready. Time to pop that champagne!

We are for you

A reliable partner
Dollars? Euros? Bitcoin? No, trust is the really viable currency in our industry. We know this as we value long-term relationships with our clients. This is why TrendLine offers absolute protection of your business, ideas and personal information.
Engaged employees
The extended development team model is about becoming a part of your company. It is about sharing your vision. We will do whatever it takes to understand how you think and to embrace your culture from learning more about you via conversations to moving our team to your HQ for a while.
A dedicated team
Dedication is more than a development term to us. It stands for more than “working on a project full time”. It stands for loyalty. The team you choose will stay by your side and the people from it will contribute to your success through their expertise and experience.

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253 project

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If you wish to learn more about dedicated development company TrendLine, our developers and the work that we do to help our clients, please download a detailed overview of our company!
Lean for the win!
In the world of modern software development results speak louder than words. So why wait for them until the end of the development cycle? The engineers you will be working with are early adopters of Agile development methodologies. They work in sprints that usually last 2 weeks and only end with a working solution. With a working product on your hands you can test, gain feedback, adapt requirements, the team and even the budget at any stage of the development cycle and your decisions will be 100% supported by actual data.
Full-cycle development
We don’t just offer software development teams. We offer product development teams that cover every aspect of the digital era from business analysis to coding, to marketing to QA. Our clients work with dedicated teams that support projects from start to finish. Our network of engineers allows us to create a team meeting requirements even of the most exacting requirements. What this means for you is that the only thing you need when coming to us is an idea. We will take care of the rest.

Why outstaff?

Outstaffing has a series of benefits over traditional outsourcing and even recruitment in-house.
You pay for results
The talent you acquire is an employee of a different company, meaning you don’t pay anything outside that person’s rate.
Taxes, benefits and training expenses are on us.
Manage your team however you want. If you need more or less people for the current stage of the development cycle – you can get that perfect number of people at any time.
When you are working with TrendLine you know who you work with. You will choose your team based on a portfolio that includes relevant projects from your niche.
Constant contact
You will be in touch with your team directly. The experience is the same as if they were sitting in a different room of your headquarters. You’ll even see your team at work via online cams.
Our clients are cutting the development expenses in half by working with TrendLine. Imagine the opportunities!
2 Weeks
We find the right people for your project fast. It will only take 2 weeks for us to start working on your project.
2.7 projects
Our orientation to continuous collaboration pays off. Most of our clients return to us with new projects.
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