Dedicated development teams

What we do

We don’t just offer the skills of one engineer to our clients. We share with you our experience of full-cycle development and support done by an all-stars team like clockwork.

Team extension

We don’t give you a hand. We become your hand via our extended team services. A dedicated client manager will support you throughout the entire project. We will ensure that instant communication channels are in place. They will keep you on the same page with the “development muscles”. But that’s the “general” stuff, what about the development process itself? How do we fit in? We embrace your companyе’s culture. Our dedicated developers will follow the same rules, ethics and business practices as the people from your HQ.

Startup Consulting

Our dedicated software development teams are as flexible as your startup needs them to be. We have achieved this feat thanks to early adoption of Agile and SCRUM methodologies in our work cycles. The Lean approach to software development allows us to utilize the resources that are an absolute necessity only for the current stage of the project. This, in turn, cuts corners and saves the much-needed budget for our clients. Wasteless development is how we think and what we going to apply to any project.

Dedicated Development

Software is not code, it is the development process that starts with your business case and… Some may say it ends on the stage of Quality Assurance but we will not, because we know it never ends if the project is truly alive. This is why we offer the help of dedicated development teams composed of competent managers, skilled engineers and eagle-eyed QA specialists that support a product since its birth and until there is a need in their services.

What you get


Attention to detail

Every aspect of software we deliver to clients is a solution to a business need.

Your timetable

We are an extension of your team. This means that we work by your hours.

Dedicated manager

You can always count on the bridge between your business goals and development.

Continuous feedback

You’ll know what’s going on with your project at any time of any day.

A stacked team

Planning, development, management, maintenance, and support is on us.

Full-cycle development

We create business-oriented requirements, give them life and test the outcome.

Available talent

We have enough developers at our 3 R&D offices to support a project of any scale.

Efficient budget

Our geographical location allows us to access better talent at a more affordable rate.

Your success is our success

Why imagine what you could do with a few extra hands and minds at your disposal when you can see real business cases right now?
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