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Remote embedded developers for retail

RSA-based company came to us with an idea of improving customer care in stores. They needed a team of professional embedded software engineers to develop an app that tracks the total number of visitors. To collect the next round of investments the MVP had to be shown to investors on short notice.

Extended team for web developer DPU Systems

Together with Lithuanian web dev company we set out to extend their team for smart search app creating. The app had to provide search results from numerous accredited publications, journals and databases instead of simply pulling something from the web.

Dedicated Development Team for Splynx
Dedicated Development Team for Splynx Framework

Splynx came to us with a request to find an offshore team fast. Quick start of the framework development was crucial to the customer. They needed middle-level developers with at least 3 years’ Yii2 and PHP experience.

Staff Augmentation for Skywire
Staff Augmentation for Skywire Technologies

With more than 50,000 high sites around South Africa, Skywire is an established telecommunications service provider that offers wireless, fixed and satellite connectivity solutions across a single, next-generation network. The customer came to us to support a growing need in staff augmentation.

Remote developers for crypto portfolio tracker and advisor KRONOS

TSI Analytics Inc. provides a comprehensive solution in the analysis of the cryptocurrency market. They has been developing a new tool and needed to extend their development team. We were tasked to locate 3 full stack developers fast to launch MVP on the scheduled date.

Advocat24 — mobile app for online lawyer search

The customer needed  to create the first in Ukraine mobile application for online lawyer search. The ultimate goal was to allow users to find professional legal assistance at any time and in any situation.

SMAPL — mobile app for on-car advertising

The customer appealed to us with the aim of implementing a comprehensive project that would include creating a logo, building a website and developing an iOS and Android application.

Extended development team for RIM Group

RIM Group was in need for its business processes integrated management. The requirements for the system were vast and our customer needed access to a large team of experts. Development of the ERP system was also time-sensitive and had to meet with a series of deadlines.

Extended team for custom CRM development

The startup that raised the third round of investments was working on integration of stable and scalable business processes. They required a solid CRM for their sales, marketing and support teams. So we needed to find a development team on a tight schedule.

Remote team for social media app development

We were tasked to find a team of the experts for developing a social media application for artists. The app was heavy on visuals and had to process a lot of visuals in high resolution, so we needed the people with strong relevant experience.

Dedicated development team of QA engineers for banking app

We needed to find a team of experienced QA engineers to test a banking application. The team we had to find was supposed to have a rich background in functional testing, penetration testing and test automation specifically in the banking and finance niches.

Website for the leading Ukrainian grain trader

The customer came to us knowing they needed help in bringing a brand building website to life.This website would need to match their specialization, support multi language, be mobile-friendly and keep up with web development trends.

DIPFO — landing page for cloud storage service

Our team had to develop a customized landing page that drives new registrations. We needed to create a logo, build a landing page from scratch, design icons and illustrations. The customer also required multi language and a responsive layout that adapts to different devices.

Web catalog for parquet flooring manufacturer

TANDEM IMPEX, a manufacturer and exporter of parquet, requested to create a website with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The multilingual support was an important condition as they’ve been exporting to European countries.

Web catalog of inflatable motor boats

The international manufacturer and distributor of inflatable motor boats decided that having an online presence was absolutely essential for their business. So we’ve been responsible for putting them out there by creating a website.

Remote iOS developers for game app

Our customer wanted to find a skilled team of iOS developers. They needed to develop an app, but didn’t have the internal capacity to do it and couldn’t find suitable local developers in time. The app was one of the biggest selling points of a new restaurant, so the start of the project had to be fast.

Remote software developers for e-commerce parser

The customer needed a dedicated team to develop an impressive competitor research application for the e-сommerce industry. The solution also needed to be integrated with the company’s existing CRM.

InfluencerDB and TrendLine Global Teams
Remote Vue.js Developers for Marketing Cloud

Lux-medien, marketing agency and product placement with 10 years experience in MODX, is developing and implementing numerous digital projects.  From time to time they need to extend the team with new developers for special projects. This time they were seeking for a middle PHP developer to meet the deadline of the MVP launch.

Medondo and TrendLine Global Teams
Remote JavaScript Developers for Healthcare

Medondo has been developing a completely new healthcare web solution, that allows physicians to simultaneously perform administrative activities instead of permanently tearing themselves away from the patients. For this specific purpose they were looking for full-stack JavaScript developers.

Prototype of media sharing app

The customer hired us to create engaging and user-friendly app design. Desired features included music download, photography, video shoot and media sharing via different social networks. It had to be an entertainment app for guys who live in a stylish, bright and carefree way.

Birthday card app for iPhone and iPad

Apps-O-Rama needed a birthday reminder app that allows users to never miss friends’ birthdays, easily send and receive birthday cards. The application also needed to has optional auto-renewable subscription.

Augmented reality app for interior design

The furniture manufacturer was aiming to improve its customers’ experience and allow them to try out furniture in their homes before buying it.  We settled on a concept that would enable the users to place and manipulate 3D furniture in the surrounding space with the help of AR.

Augmented reality app to use in classrooms

The US publisher was willing to create an AR book for educational purposes. The main idea of the app was to engage children in education and help teachers to attract students. We were tasked to demonstrate nature around in all details with AR feature.

TrendLine Global and Lux-Medien Teams
PHP Developer for Digital Agency

Lux-medien, marketing agency and product placement with 10 years experience in MODX, is developing and implementing numerous digital projects.  From time to time they need to extend the team with new developers for special projects. This time they were seeking for a middle PHP developer to meet the deadline of the MVP launch.

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