Ukrainian developers

How to Hire the Best Developers from Ukraine [Complete Outstaffing Guide]

To implement IT projects, entrepreneurs are always try to hire high-level developers. But you agree, it’s not always possible to recruit such guys quickly. The reasons can be very different: there may not be enough free specialists in the city, it is difficult to compete with large IT companies in terms of working conditions, local employees’ salary expectations are too high, etc. A way out of this situation is to hire developers remotely.

Interviewing developers

15 tips for interviewing developers and a list of bonus questions

When hiring outstaff developers, clients want to find professional and responsible individuals with a high level of training and reputable soft skills. In this article, we have prepared for you some recommendations for interviewing techniques and for which kind of questions you should ask potential developers in order to most effectively determine if the candidate is suitable for your project or not.